PlayStation Online Racing Championships

Your PlayStation Online Racing Community.

Welcome to PlayStation Online Racing Championships. 

Here at PlayStation Online Racing Championships (PSORC) we have a fantastic community who love and enjoy both motor racing and racing games. You're sure to fit in with us as we cater for many different abilities and speeds to make sure you are in the right series for your skill type. 

Our community supports inexperienced drivers with online practice sessions, set up help and socials race to filter out any unfair and dirty racers to give our clean members a fair and competitive experience.

With over two year experience, PSORC is one of the best stops for online racing, exclusively on PlayStation. 

Register today and start racing in our F1 2014 league, soon to be Projects CARS championship...our first on next-generation consoles! and many more unconfirmed events! 

New members can read the website rules and guidelines here.



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